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Hammock Chairs

Hammock Chairs

It should come as no surprise that hammock chairs have become the next big craze. After all, they are comfortable, stylish, affordable, don’t take up much space and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. What more could you ask for in a chair? Hammock Pros offers this type of seating in many different colors, styles and even material choices so there is truly something here for everyone regardless of your personal taste in decor.

Super Simple

Algoma manufactures a collection of chairs that are nothing more than netting or rope. They look as good in a spa setting as they do in a contemporary living room because they are so simple. You can choose from nylon net, cotton rope or even a weather-resistant polyester rope. Depending on the material type that you choose, you will find that some can hold up to 275 pounds. These hammock chairs can be hung from a tree, porch, beam or stand.


Looking for a hammock chair that offers a bit more of a traditional type of seat? Hammock Pros carries the Pawley’s Island Beaches Collection that you will want to swing in all afternoon. These hammock chairs are made from a DuraCord fabric that stays looking new much longer than other outdoor fabrics because it resists fading. There is a 24-inch seat that promotes comfort and relaxation by conforming to your natural posture. The fabric is also filled with quick-drying foam so it’s nice and cushiony to sit on and even after a heavy rain, it will dry fast.

Quilted Hammock Chairs

Many people simply prefer the look and feel of quilted hammock chairs. The ones that are available by Palmetto here at Hammock Pros come in fabulous color patterns like blue stripe, green stripe or tricolor stripe. They all hold up to 250 pounds and feel unbelievably supportive, even though you’re suspended in air.

Double Swing

There are few things that can make a house look more inviting than the presence of a porch swing. Of course, you do not have to break the bank buying a wood swing like you might expect! Double hammock chairs are just as fabulous only they are much less expensive and a lot more environmentally-friendly!

The Hatteras Hammocks Adventurer Collection is the perfect place to enjoy a good book and a big glass of lemonade. It’s made from fabric that is durable yet incredibly comfortable in classic black stripe, Hampton’s summer stripe, Rio Birch fabric and Spring Bay fabric options.